I Cant't send pictures
There are different possible causes.

For PC users with a non-Internet Explorer browser :

The first time you will try to send files, you might be asked to install Sun's Java. Just click 'yes' and take the standard settings.
- It still doesn't work: if you click here : you can easily install the latest Java version.

For Mac users :

- You have to have had all updates for Mac OS X. Don't forget to select JAVA !
How long does it take to send my pictures?
This depends on a few factors :

upload method : if you take the standard method, your the image is sent as fast as possible for the format you order. The bigger your ordered format, the slower.

For the alternative method, the resolution of your photo matters too : the more megapixels, the larger your file and the longer it takes to send your files ...

Example : sending 100 files using standard method for a 10X15cm order should only take 10 to 15 minutes.
I like quality prints. Are large pictures resized before they are sent?
If you use standard method, your image is likely downsized for optimal uploading results. No visible image quality loss can be seen however.

If you want to be 100% sure there's no resizing done, you have to choose the alternative method. This can however decrease your upload speed drastically.
I've sent some pictures
Yes. If you log in the next time, you'll be notified that you haven't confirmed your order.

You can then choose to confirm or cancel it.